Ciff Fashion Autumn – Winter Trend

Urban dynamism, vibrant colors, metallic shades, rhythm and elegance, ruled the fashion corridors this summer. The trend will continue when the best labels will show their upcoming Autumn and Winter Trends.

You may or may not be a Kitsch Mix of Soft Tech and while on the move you might not prefer Dark Fiction, but your style trend will follow the four. Copenhagen International Fashion Fair has sketched four themes for the fall of 08-09 which will dominate streets of fashion.

Let us start with the new sprung fashion On the Move

Looking for the slim or the baggy style? Fleece jackets and wind breakers are back in full swing. We call it the Color Box of the year! This street fashion brings in heat, gracefulness and above all, packed energy. Pictograms, logos and graphics are incorporated in the design, making it more interactive and innovative. The attires are a blend of classic fabrics and sport textiles that instill exclusive style along with comfort.

Hooded sweat shirts and cardigans with drawing waist, striped v-neck sweaters with inlaid patterns are supposedly going to make a big hit in the autumn and for the dark winters.

Colour Pick
On the Move has all the crazy mixes and matches. From Raspberry Reds to deep Purples, split Pea, bright accents and daring Burgundies, a typical sporty fashion show!

Fiber Scoop
A comfortable style that is dense yet light; plain or textured weave fabric, moleskins, macro diagonal fiber cotton, woolen jackets and coat weights, cashmere broadcloth are some of the inclusive materials which will be pick of the theme. This sketch of fashion brings a real taste of veritable textile. The fabrics instill an anti-radiation treatment, breathable waterproof capacity, anti pollution and micro encapsulation aiding.

Sporty Style
The theme replicates a sporty flavor, but what else can you think of in sports? The double faced, insulated or foam back Jersey, coated fleeces, laminated fabric, padded Nylons, the fabric is worth wearing. It simply feels great.

Expressing Freedom
On the Move includes a lot of printed and knitted logos, geometrical stripes and color bands, topography or stencils, which reflects energy and passion in the most expressive way.

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Curly Hair Institute Using Hair Product That Keep Your Hair In Fashion

We all have our personal style when it comes to the hair on our heads but regardless of your specific style it can be either in fashion or not. Here are a few tips for how you should style your hair and keep it in fashion.

Almost all hair styling products claim to do everything. They will protect your scalp, they will make your hair look fresh and shiny, they will add vitamins and other nutrition need by your hair and so on. The truth is that your hair style and health is mostly a result of how you keep and maintain your hair and much less of what specific products you use.

A stylish hair begins with keeping a healthy hair. Ill not maintained hair looks bad and no matter the style it will still look bad. The first thing to achieve a healthy hair is to know your hair. Different hair requires different attention. Determine your hair type, color, thickness and texture. When choosing a hair product try to choose one that are right for your hair style. The more specific the product the more likely you are to better your hair. For example if you have a long naturally curly blond hair look for products that were specifically designed for curly blond long hair. If you can not find one than at least find a product that was designed for curly blond hair. The hair type curly or straight and the color are the most important two things to match in a hair product.

Try to avoid two in one hair products. It might be tempting to buy and use a two in one shampoo conditioner for example but when two products are combined into one some compromises must be made and the result is an inferior shampoo and an inferior conditioner. But products that are narrow in their function and fit your hair. Get a separate shampoo and conditioner both designed for your specific hair. Also it is usually better to buy complementary products from the same brand. Get a shampoo and conditioner from the same brand. The reason is that they are most likely better designed to work in concert with each other.

It is always better to strengthen your natural hair features rather than try to change them. For example if you have curly hair use products that support curly hair. If you do not like your curly hair and would rather straighten it than do it but beware that there are consequences and that by ironing your hair for example you are damaging it and making it less healthy. The same is true for hair color try to avoid it if possible and if you must try to dye your hair in a color that is similar to your natural color.

Like any other part of your body the hair needs the right nutrition in order to grow and keep healthy. Nutrients are delivered to the hair through the blood in the scalp. To keep your hair nutrients supply you should make sure that you maintain a healthy and balance diet, exercise to keep your body blood flow healthy and also have a scalp massage every now and then to increase the blood flow.

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Add Some Sparkle To Your Life, Swarovski Style

If one decides that she wants to shine in a new and special manner, the two sisters jewelry box is likely to add this sparkle; the brand stands for the fact that this crystals manufacturer is widely known for his products that are high-quality ones. These items are likely to be cut precisely in order to give them the unique size and shape. Actually, they can be quite small when it comes to their real size but they are quite big as an established product. Swarovski style is likely to define almost every trend when it comes to the entire jewel industry; it is also used when it comes to clothes, bags, show pieces and even stationary products. Even the make-up style is likely to be improved by adding some minimal touches such as these crystals.

Shine will be thus added and this is to be considered as the latest emergence when it comes to the present make-up trend. This aspect has actually underlined every ulterior ambition when it came to shine almost everywhere. This brand has actually taught people how to shine and even outstand while finding them as being a part of an entire crowd. This brand, thanks to its glamorous features, has changed the ultimate way of dressing ourselves and the two sisters jewelry box has made its way into everyone’s life by leading to different results.

These particular features are not likely to be regarded as some overtly flashy ones but this can actually help you in order to become dazzling. Every person is able to put as much as he/she wants to and the only factor that will be important is the occasion that needs this type of dazzle. Even a few Swarovski crystals are likely to add the required spark to the entire ambience as soon as you decide to enter that room. There are many people who fancy themselves in collecting these types of expensive items; for instance, the well known two sisters jewelry box that uses crystals in its design is likely to become quite important as a piece of one’s private collection. The collector can even cherish a real hobby when it comes to collecting and studying jewelry that belongs to this particular brand.

He can even enjoy digging out the entire making and even the story that is likely to be found behind each of these expensive items. The exquisite and the rare ones are also to be taken into account thanks to their history. The entire process of manufacturing these jewels is likely to be highlighted by each two sisters jewelry box. If the collector loves studying this information, he can also fancy himself in finding out more about the possible customers who are likely to choose this glamorous brand.

The consumer’s behavior is also to be studied when it comes to the careful jewelry collecting, buying and even studying. All these crystals are likely to come in various colors, shapes and sizes and each of them is also likely to come along with its own manufacturing story that will enchant the interested people who are keen on buying a genuine Swarovski crystal. Different times are likely to share different people who have one thing in common: their love for jewels, especially for the pure cut crystals that are not likely to follow the seasons and fashion changes thanks to the fact that this well developed industry has never been restricted by these factors of chance.

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Stevie Henderson and Mark Baldwin Provide Great 2 X 4 Accessories for Your Home

In the “olden days”, as my children so lovingly refer to the time when I was younger than they are, I had the privilege and good fortune to be in one of my high school’s first woodworking classes that allowed girls. The one other female and I were accepted by our male counterparts with more ease than the teacher. However, it was soon realized that our attention to detail, ability to read patterns and compile material lists overshadowed other areas. My final project, an oak coffee table of my own design received an A+ and is still very much in use.

I look back at that class as a stepping stone that encouraged me to pursue other areas of creativity. Occasionally, I will still doodle the design for a project, spend a day or so at the local hardware store with my list, dust off the saw horses and create!

Finding patterns for quick and easy projects to the hard and time-consuming ones can be a challenge in itself. It was with some excitement and trepidation that I opened the pages of not one, but two books that have been written by Stevie Henderson and Mark Baldwin.

For starters, one does not conjure up images of sleek furniture and accessories when one sees a heading that contains 2 X 4’s. Intrigued and fascinated with the thought that a wall stud could actually become something that was useful and ecstatically pleasing, I did a preliminary peruse. By the time I had glanced through both books, I was convinced that they needed to come home with me!

2 x 4 Projects for the Outdoors and Great 2 x 4 Accessories for Your Home both offer straight forward, easy instructions combined with diagrams, material and tool lists and patterns to complete the projects offered. You will be impressed with the ease of which you can make a wall ledge to show off your collectibles or an ottoman to rest your feet on. You can add hurricane lamps, a barbecue table or a porch swing to your outdoor living space.

There are enough accessory projects here to allow the gung-ho woodworkers to put finished projects throughout the entire house. Henderson begins her books with a chapter on basic tools, techniques, materials, and safety. The projects shown are in color and have the step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations, and excellent line drawings that even the newest woodworker could want.

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Garden Decoration From Junk by Leeann MacKenzie

In recent years, flea markets, junk yards, garage and yard sales, basements and attics have all been recognized as treasure chests. These places are home to antiques, memorabilia and junk. For the people who have a vision of resurrecting cast-offs found in these places, The book Garden Decoration From Junk is one to read before setting out on your quest. The book will certainly brings new meaning to container gardening and garden accessories!

A little imagination, along with the unique suggestions from the pages of this book and your yard will have a character like no other. The operative word here is imagination and after reading this book, you will chastise yourself for throwing out some perfectly good garden accessories. Everything from tin cans to car springs and cutlery can be incorporated into your outdoor setting. Your deck, patio and yard can have unique pieces that will not be found at the local garden and yard decorating centers.

Visualize old garden tools as a support for clematis, scarlet runner beans or sweet peas. Metal containers such as pots, buckets and tin cans housing your herbs. Books and foot wear that have been damaged beyond repair or restoration once again come alive and will become the center of conversation when used as planters.

This book provides an abundance of pictures that will give you every opportunity to invent an end product that would add personality to your decor both inside and out.

The old adage that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure is confirmed in page after page in this intriguing book by Leeann MacKenzie.

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Create Your Own Garden Journal

The garden journal is an important component of the garden planning process. It allows the gardener to revisit last year’s successes and failures. This evaluation reduces the chances of repeating the same mistakes, helps create a healthier garden environment and helps reduce expensive gardening mistakes, especially for beginning gardeners.

A journal does not have to be anything fancy and can range from a simple school notebook all the way to an elaborate leather bound journal. Some gardeners even use technology to design a one of a kind garden journal that does everything for you accept plant the seed. The key to the journaling process is to pick one that works for you and one that you will really use.

Whether you are a beginning gardener or starting a new garden, the first step in this process is to draw out the garden space. Some individuals find it helpful to do the drawing to scale but that really is not necessary. The important component is that the dimensions of the garden are noted.

Do not limit yourself to the traditional idea of what a garden is. All gardens need to be planned and this includes container, mulch, and straw bale gardens along with hanging baskets, and flower pouches. Keep in mind though; that the information described below is geared for land-based gardens and in doing so will need to be adapted for other types of gardens.

Once the garden space has been drawn out, the next step is to add environmental information. The north, south, east, and west directions need to be placed on the garden drawing. General wind direction and how the sun hits the garden space during the growing season also needs to be noted.

Weather conditions are another component that needs to be added during the growing season. This includes temperature, moisture level or rain amount and any natural disaster that may have affected the garden space. Including this information will help the gardener deal with microclimate issues and help them make a more precise determination of the success of the garden.

Another environmental feature that needs to be added to the garden journal is the health of the soil. This includes pH level, soil type and any nutrient problems. This information is easily obtained through a kit that can be picked up at any local extension office.

External features surrounding the garden space also need to be added to the drawing. This information is very important since shadows from buildings, vegetation, and fences can affect the garden space. Also, noting plant material that is around the garden can help reduce the chance of plant incompatibility. A prime example of plant incompatibility is that of the tomato and the black walnut tree.